DuelFuel SixPack
DuelFuel SixPack
DuelFuel SixPack - Box of 6

DuelFuel SixPack

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  • 2 x Peanut Butter & Chocolate Flapjack + Chocolate Brownie
  • 2 x Pecan Maple & Chocolate Flapjack + Orange & Chocolate Cake Slice
  • 2 x Berries & White Chocolate Flapjack + Lemon Drizzle Cake Slice
DuelFuel SixPack


Only DuelFuel combines great tasting performance and recovery nutrition in one convenient DuelPack. Enjoy your Performance Flapjack thirty minutes or so before exercise to support energy release and treat yourself to your Recovery Brownie or Cake Slice after exercise to get your recovery underway.


A DuelFuel Flapjack is a great way to top-up energy levels before exercise.

Each of our 35g flapjacks are packed with a mix of complex and simple carbohydrates along with a bespoke blend of 27 vitamins & minerals, to deliver sustained energy release.

Got a performance goal in sight? Seriously, get ready to ring some bells…


DuelFuel’s range of Cake Slices and Brownies have got your back as you recover - and you don’t need to sacrifice on taste!

Each Cake Slice or Brownie contains over 50% protein to support muscle repair and 20% carbs to contribute to replenishment of glycogen stores.But there’s more!

But there’s more! A bespoke blend of 27 vitamins and minerals helps replace electrolytes and minerals and reinforce the body’s immune system.



Here’s what people are saying about DuelFuel

Tim Nicholas

CrossFit Level 2 Coach

It has all the performance nutrition I need for those all important muscle gains, along with it being a tasty and quick treat!

Gemma Bolton

CrossFit Enthusiast

I am often eating on the run balancing training, work and parenting duties. DuelFuel is a perfect treat!

Jesse Harmon

Part-Time Weightlifter

Provided me with the right amount of protein and nutrition prior to and after a two-hour weightlifting session!

Harry Moore

Personal Trainer

Finally, a great tasting all-in-one performance and recovery nutrition snack.

Mo Laher

CrossFit Level 1 Coach

I'm so glad I found DuelFuel! Performance and Recovery nutrition in two great tasting bars... exactly what I've been looking for!

Jenny Brunsdon

CrossFit Junkie

A perfectly tasty solution for those of us who have a busy schedule but want the benefit of a nutritional snack.

Mark Hine

Personal Trainer

Carbs and protein provided in the form of two delicious bars, my solution to fuelling up throughout a busy day.

Victoria Young

Fitness Enthusiast

DuelFuel makes nutrition easy and tasty; it’s really easy to grab on the go.

Emem Adegbola

Mountain Biker

Fits right in with my exercise. Gives me energy boosting carbs before and the protein my muscles need after my ride.  

Carmen Wright

CrossFit Enthusiast

The perfect healthy bars to grab and go when time is tight. Just pure nutrition with delicious flavours.

Yasmina Maiwald

CrossFit Enthusiast

Convenient and easy way to get a tasty and flavourful snack in before and after exercise! Delicious flavours too!

Drew Plumber

CrossFit 5yr Enthusiast

Not the usual run-of-the mill protein bar. The chocolate brownie is unreal.


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