What is DuelFuel?

DuelFuel is a new combined performance and recovery nutrition solution, comprising a nutritious flapjack and brownie or cake slice, both containing a bespoke blend of twenty-seven vitamins and minerals. More information on DuelFuel’s vitamins and minerals can be found here.

How do I use DuelFuel?

Enjoy your performance flapjack up to thirty minutes or so before you exercise and your recovery brownie or cake slice when convenient, after you have finished your exercise.

What does DuelFuel do?

DuelFuel supports you during and after your workout or exercise. Our performance flapjacks help top up your energy levels before you work out and our recovery brownies and cake slices support your muscles as they recover from exercise.

What problem does DuelFuel solve?

Many of us undertake exercise or sport without having “topped-up” our energy levels, which in turn impacts on our performance, and therefore our enjoyment of our chosen activity. By “topping-up” our energy levels before we exercise, we can be sure we have what we need to enable us to perform to the level we want.

Once we have exercised, we need to provide our bodies and our muscles with what they need to recover. If we do fail to do so, we run the risk of muscle injury, which in turn can impact on our ability to exercise again as soon as we would like.

Why does DuelFuel contain two separate products?

DuelFuel contains a performance flapjack to support our performance during exercise and a recovery brownie or cake slice – depending on the DuelPack selected – to support muscle recovery. The performance flapjack range has a higher percentage of carbohydrates to protein and the recovery brownie and cake slice range has a higher ratio of protein to carbohydrates.

The macro nutritionals of our three DuelPack options can be seen:

Peanut Butter & Chocolate Flapjack/Chocolate Brownie DuelPack
Pecan Maple & Chocolate Flapjack/Orange & Chocolate Cake Slice
Berries & White Chocolate Flapjack/Lemon Drizzle Cake Slice

Is DuelFuel gluten-free?

DuelFuel’s performance flapjacks contain wholegrain oats which are not gluten-free. DuelFuel’s recovery brownies and cake slices do not contain gluten, but are made in the same bakery as our performance flapjacks, therefore should not be considered gluten-free.

Is DuelFuel Organic?

In a word – no. Organic food is for the most-part more expensive than non-organic and using organic ingredients would compromise our aim of making DuelFuel as affordable as possible.

Does DuelFuel contain any allergens?

Yes. DuelFuel may contain traces of egg, nuts, peanuts and soya. For allergens, see the ingredients in bold on our individual product pages:

Peanut Butter & Chocolate Flapjack/Chocolate Brownie DuelPack
Pecan Maple & Chocolate Flapjack/Orange & Chocolate Cake Slice
Berries & White Chocolate Flapjack/Lemon Drizzle Cake Slice

I follow a vegan diet. Can I enjoy DuelFuel?

DuelFuel’s performance flapjacks contain milk products and our recovery brownies and cake slices contain milk products and bovine collagen, therefore they are not suitable for anyone following a vegan diet. However, we are currently developing our vegan range. Sign up for updates on our new flavours and range launches here.

I follow a vegetarian diet. Can I enjoy DuelFuel?

DuelFuel’s performance flapjacks contains milk products and our recovery brownies and cake slices contain milk products and bovine collagen, therefore our flapjack range may be suitable for anyone following a vegetarian diet, however our recovery brownies and cake slices are not.

The suitability of our flapjack range for a vegetarian diet depends on whether non-meat animal products, e.g. milk products are excluded. If they are not excluded DuelFuel’s performance flapjacks are suitable.

Can I try one DuelPack?

The cost of shipping makes it uneconomic to buy one DuelPack alone. We have The SixPack, a terrific selection box comprising two of each of our DuelPack flavour combinations, six DuelPacks in total. This is ideal for a great introduction to DuelFuel.

What is Informed Sport?

The Informed Sport programme provides assurance that all DuelFuel products have been tested for a wide range of substances prohibited in sport.

Every batch of DuelFuel is tested for banned substances under the Informed Sport programme. Products undergo rigorous testing using ISO 17025 accredited methods to provide the highest level of assurance for athletes. For further information about the testing process, please visit informed-sport.com


Does DuelFuel contain sugar?

Yes; we have incorporated modest amounts of differing sugars into DuelFuel as they can be beneficial to support energy levels during and recovery after training.

Sugars such as sucrose (table sugar), glucose (grape sugar), maltose (milk sugar), maltodextrins and some starches can be rapidly used by the muscle to provide fuel for performance and recovery. All of these sugars are equally beneficial in terms of carbohydrate delivery.

What’s the difference between complex and simple carbohydrates?

The body converts carbohydrates to energy and some carbohydrates are converted faster than others.

The faster carbohydrates include glucose, e.g. grape sugar, sucrose, table sugar, maltose, maltodextrins and some starches. Some slower carbohydrates include fructose, galactose and some starches that are not highly soluble in water. Fructose and galactose are absorbed at a slower rate and are converted in the liver first before they can be used by the muscle. For example - Fructose, is converted to glucose or lactate, both of which are very good sources of energy for the muscle, but the conversion in the liver slows down the overall process. It has been suggested that including slow-release carbohydrates may be of benefit prior to exercise for a sustained energy release alongside the fast release carbohydrates.

Why the high percentage of protein in the recovery brownies and cake slices?

DuelFuel’s recovery brownies and cake slices have a minimum of 20g of protein, as much research suggests this is an appropriate amount to support muscle repair and recovery.

Taking onboard a combination of both DuelFuel’s performance and recovery products will support both replenishment of glycogen stores as well muscle tissue repair.

What’s in DuelFuel’s vitamins and minerals blend?

A full breakdown of the individual elements of DuelFuel’s vitamins and minerals blend can be found here.

What are the benefits of DuelFuel’s vitamins and minerals blend?

A detailed breakdown of the health benefits associated with DuelFuel’s vitamins and minerals blend can be found here and a summary chart of the benefits can be found here.


Is My DuelFuel in Date?

It most definitely is! However, you might have clocked your DueFuel has two best before dates (BBE). The first BBE date is “11/22” and is found on the back of the outer wrapper of the DuelPack and of the boxes that DuelFuel are packaged and displayed in. The second BBE date, “May-2022”, is on the back of the individual wrappers of DuelFuel, inside each DuelPack.

There are two different BBE dates because we should have printed “11/22” when your DuelFuel was produced, but we mistakenly printed “May-2022” instead. We have over-labelled the boxes and outer DuelPack wrappers with the correct BBE date, but we can’t relabel the individual flapjacks and cakes without opening the packs up and we didn’t want to do that…that’s your job!

In some cases, your DuelFuel may have been shipped to you without correcting the BBE date, due to the packaging configuration of your order not enabling us to apply the correct BBE label. In all cases please enjoy your DuelFuel in confidence that it most definitely is “in date”, but if you have any concerns at all please contact us at hey@duelfuel.com and we’ll get right back to you.

Is DuelFuel’s packaging sustainable?

We use corrugated board and plastic film in our packaging. All DuelFuel’s board packaging is sourced from sustainably managed forests and is fully recyclable. For more information read our section on sustainability here.

Is DuelFuel’s packaging recyclable?

Both DuelFuel’s corrugated board and plastic film packaging are fully recyclable. For more information read our section on sustainability here.


What payment methods can I use?

You can pay for your DuelFuel with any of the following; Visa, Visa Debit, Visa Electron, Mastercard, Maestro, Paypal, Apple Pay or Google Pay.

What currencies can I pay in?

For now, we only accept £GBP.

Order & Delivery Questions

Are there any added-on fees for shipping/delivery?

Nope, no add-ons or hidden extras. What you see is what you pay… and that includes the cost of delivery*.

*If you're a DuelFuel Partner, different delivery options may apply.

What standard of delivery is included?

All DuelFuel products are shipped under a forty-eight hour tracked service, which means you receive them two full working days after we received your order and sent you confirmation. Obvs., if you place your order on a Friday or over the weekend the clock starts ticking from the start of the new working week!

Can I get expedited delivery?

Yup. Just choose the delivery service you want at check-out and pony-up for the faster delivery.

Where does DuelFuel deliver to?

At present we deliver to the entire United Kingdom, with the exception of Northern Ireland. We’re working on being able to deliver to NI and beyond the UK, into Ireland very soon.

Can DuelFuel deliver to a different address from my billing address?

Yes indeedy. Just tell us where you want your DuelFuel order delivered to when you checkout and your wish will be our command.

How will I know that my DuelFuel order has been placed?

We’ll tell you. After payment has been processed we'll redirect you to a page confirming your order details. You'll also receive an email from us confirming your order.

How will I know that my DuelFuel order has been despatched?

We’ll tell you. Once your order has been despatched we'll send you an email notification. Where applicable, we'll include a tracking number so you can track your order from us to you!

How can I find out where my DuelFuel order is?

We'll notify you by email when your order has been despatched. From there, you can click to track your order (normally via Royal Mail).

If you've not received a delivery email then you can always go back to your order confirmation email and click through to your order status page. This will show the latest status for your order and if despatched, a link to track the delivery.

If the above still doesn't tell you what you need to know then just ask. Email us at hey@duelfuel.com with your order number.

Can I cancel my order?

Alas, once we have sent you a confirmation of order receipt, it can no longer be cancelled.

Can I change the delivery address of my order?

Yes sir-ee… up to when we despatch your order. Best to check in with our customer services team via hey@duelfuel.com if you want to change your delivery address. We’ll check whether the order has been despatched and if it has not, we’ll make the changes there and then. Boom.


Can I return my DuelFuel order?

DuelFuel is a perishable functional food product, therefore we only accept returns in a number of circumstances detailed in our refund policy. If in doubt hit us up with an email at hey@duelfuel.com.

What if I have been sent the wrong order, or the order arrived damaged/not fit for purpose?

Email us at hey@duelfuel.com with the following information and we’ll take it from there:

  • 1. Your DuelFuel order number
  • 2. Details of what you ordered
  • 3. Photographs that show the full contents of the order, the damage and/or the reason why the order is not fit for purpose and our awesome DuelFuel logo

Don’t send us anything back until you have been in touch with us first. We’ll hatch a plan together and take it from there.

How long will it take to get my refund?

This usually takes ten working days from when the order is received back in our warehouse, inspected and approved for a refund.


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