We’re working hard at DuelFuel to ensure our impact on our planet is as positive as possible. Our DuelPacks support us getting the maximum benefit from sport and exercise and want to ensure everything else we do is as positive. 

We make DuelFuel in the United Kingdom in order to cut down on transport carbon emissions and keep our carbon footprint as low as possible. In addition, we set ourselves the task of ensuring all our packaging is as sustainable as possible and fully recyclable.

How are we doing?...


All our DuelPacks are packaged and reach you in boxes that are not only fully recyclable but also made from sustainable paper and board fibres.

Our board packaging comes from trees and trees come from forests. Duh! “Tell us something we don’t know”, we hear you shout over the noise of your latest PB’d split jerk crashing to the floor..

OK, we know you know, but let’s just take a minute to dig a little deeper into why forests are important.

If you’ve read our run down on nutrition, you’ll know the pivotal roles our lungs play in supplying the oxygen we need for energy and in carrying away carbon dioxide, the bi-product of energy creation.

Our forests are Earth’s lungs. Trees produce oxygen and in the process store carbon dioxide, meaning forests are our planet’s best defence against climate change; it’s as simple as that. They are also a terrific environment for exercise of any level, whether it be a beast of a trail bike ride or a leisurely after-Sunday lunch walk.

Problem is trees are also used for a vast array of products we use every day; everything from books and paper tissue to furniture and medicines and so it has been important to strike a balance between protecting and using our forests.

Feels good, don’t it?

Foil Packaging

If we feel good about our board packaging sourcing policy, then we feel terrific about our wrapper packaging, because from 1st January 2022 our wrappers are 100% recyclable at supermarkets up and down the country.

Like most food manufacturers who use film packaging, ours is made from orientated polypropylene; OPP to you and us, guv.

We use OPP because it provides what is called a “hermetic”* seal between our products and the external environment. This ensures your DuelFuel flapjacks, brownies and cake slices reach you in pristine condition, as fresh as the day they were made.

OPP is a plastic…and we all feel the same way about plastics, right? We want to be able to recycle them as often as possible.

Until recently all OPP wrappers were not recyclable, however this has now changed and it is estimated that from January 2022 seventy-five percent of UK’s population will be able to recycle their wrappers at their local supermarket.[1] [2] [3]

So whilst it might be a bit of a phaff to take all your metalized wrappers down to your local supermarket for recycling, you’ll be able to walk tall and proud, knowing you’re a recycling rockstar for doing so.

*Posh word for “airtight”


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