So, what are the origins of DuelFuel?

The idea for DuelFuel came about just before the beginning of the first lockdown.

I knew enough about performance and recovery nutrition to know that eating the right types of food at the right time can have a big impact on performance and speed of recovery and I had been aware for a while that I wasn’t eating as well as I could just before and after exercise.

I looked for a convenient solution that would help me fuel my exercise and recover from it afterwards, but I couldn’t find anything convenient that did both, and tasted great too.

How did DuelFuel’s name come about?

For as long as I can remember I have always had to motivate myself to play sport or exercise. Many of us feel the same; it’s as if there’s an angel on one shoulder encouraging us to exercise and a devil on the other, talking us into staying at home, eat junk and binge-watch boxed sets. More often than not the angel wins, but in my case, when the devil on my shoulder takes over, it descends into nachos and beer.

Once in the gym or on the sports field, each of us is battling against ourselves to go further, run faster, play harder or lift heavier than the last time. There are a lot of challenges, or duels, in sport and exercise. DuelFuel supports us in rising up to those challenges, overcoming them and recovering from them afterwards.

What problem does DuelFuel solve?

From speaking with many other amateur athletes, it’s clear a lot of us have the motivational challenge to do sport, either because we don’t enjoy it or we don’t see the results that we want, as fast as we want.

DuelFuel contributes to improved performance in our chosen exercise through topping up our energy levels before exercise, which in turn helps us perform better during our sport and enjoy it more. DuelFuel also contributes to the recovery process after exercise through helping our muscles to recover.

Put together, DuelFuel helps us perform better and recover faster, so we can shrug off the nachos-chomping and beer-swilling devil and get back to our sport or exercise of choice fast.

How did you link up with Mike?

I listened to a podcast in which Mike was talking about performance and recovery nutrition. For many of us the science of nutrition can be complex but Mike talked about both in a way which was easy to understand and made sense.

I did some research and came to appreciate the depth and breadth of Mike’s experience in elite sports performance nutrition across a range of competitive sports, so I emailed Mike and told him about the idea for DuelFuel; we got together on a video call and have been working together ever since.


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