You little referral-rockstar, you...

If you're here it's either because you have introduced a super-cool friend to DuelFuel, or you have been introduced to DuelFuel by a super-cool friend to DuelFuel...

Is that new five-pound note in your purse or wallet taking up much-needed space…want to put it to really good use?

How about donating it to your favourite gym or sports centre? Fact is, our beloved houses of health had a hard time of it during the recent lockdowns, with many of them not getting any financial support to help them through. Why not slide that fiver across to the main man or woman at your gym or club, give them a wink and whisper quietly, so only they can hear… “thanks friend, have this one on me”?

Here’s how it works

You let us know who you want to gift any discount you have earned to

We’ll contact them, give them the good news and set them up with an account at DuelFuel

We’ll move the discount across from your account to theirs

They redeem the discount you have o-so-generously pinged across to them for DuelFuel products

You walk tall, head held high, knowing you’ve done a cool thing for your cool gym

Ready to help... Just fill out this form, and we’ll do the rest.

A couple of points from Smithers in Legal;

  1. To qualify, you must have ordered from, spending over £40 in a single transaction, since you received your code
  2. If gifting multiple codes, the qualification criteria apply per code
  3. You can only gift unused discount codes earned through the TEAM. WORKOUT. Refer-a-Friend scheme. No other discounts or incentives we might send your way are transferable.
  4. Discounts are only transferable to independent gyms or sports clubs, by which we mean standalone businesses with a maximum of two sites. It’s the indies that need our help, guys.
  5. Any discount you gift is only redeemable by the receiving party for DuelFuel Partner products, not cash. We’re not made of filthy lucre, y’know…
  6. The receiving party will be able to redeem £5 off any Partner product purchase at
  7. Whether a discount is transferred is at the discretion of DuelFuel Nutrition Ltd.
  8. Although we won’t like doing it, DuelFuel Nutrition Ltd reserve the right to pull the plug on the SHOW. SOME. LOVE. scheme at any time.


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