Michael Naylor MSc SENR.


How did you get involved with DuelFuel?

Tim emailed me soon after lockdown started, explained the idea and suggested we meet up on a video call. Although we didn’t know each other before our first call, I was intrigued by Tim’s email, because the DuelFuel concept of combining performance and recovery nutrition conveniently together is totally on-point.

We got together for our first call, talked through Tim’s ideas and spent the next two months working on developing the DuelFuel concept, at the end of which we agreed I would join Tim as co-founder of DuelFuel. We spent nearly two years painstakingly sourcing ingredients and developing and refining our recipes to not only satisfy very strict macro and micro-nutritional targets but delight the tastebuds.

You’re an elite sports nutritionist and advise some of the country’s top professional and Olympic athletes on their nutrition. Does that mean DuelFuel is only for professional athletes?

Not at all. DuelFuel can help support keen amateur athletes and professional, elite athletes alike.

There are many learnings we can take from elite athletes in terms of what they eat before and after training to fuel performance and accelerate recovery. Although the frequency and intensity of training sessions may differ for many of us compared to elite athletes, we can still benefit from similar macro and micro nutrients around exercise.

What is the greatest benefit that DuelFuel brings to anyone doing sport?

On a practical level the functional benefits of DuelFuel are that our performance flapjacks help refine our energy levels prior to exercise, leaving us neither hungry or full but contributing to what we need to ensure we can perform to our fullest potential, whereas our recovery brownies and cake slices support the muscles as they repair and recover. Both our flapjacks and cakes are complemented with a blend of twenty seven vitamins and minerals, all of which have a range of associated health benefits.

On an emotive level, DuelFuel provides confidence; confidence that we are well prepared for our exercise and our recovery, which in turn contributes to us getting the most enjoyment and benefit out of our chosen exercise.

What are DuelFuel’s plans for the future?

We’ve got some really exciting plans in the pipeline, all with the objective of supporting DuelFuel’s community get the most from their exercise. We’ll be sharing a lot of knowledge and experience on performance and recovery nutrition and ways to incorporate it into our everyday diets and we are working on some delicious new flavours with added nutritional benefit.


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